A day at Citi Field: M&M Suite Seats

On Tuesday, the 8th of August my family and I attended the Mets vs Rangers game. The seats we had were incredible. We were sitting in the M&M Suite Seats (formerly known as the Party City Deck) which is a section for only those with groups. For those who don’t know, this is my fifth time sitting in this section. There are many reasons why we continue to purchase these tickets, which aren’t the cheapest seats in the ballpark:

  • The view
  • Unlimited drinks/food




In my honest opinion, the only better seat in the house is row 1 behind home plate.

No, I’ve never sat in row 1 behind home plate, but thats on my bucket list. However, every time I sit in the M&M Suite Seats, I feel like I am sitting right on the field. It’s always pretty cool screaming the Left Fielder’s name (Yoenis Cespedes in the photo above) and seeing them give a wave back.




If you go to a game and you’re sitting in the M&M Suite Seats and DON’T make it to batting practice, Did you really sit in the M&M Suite Seats?

The best way to describe this experience is like going to batting practice while sitting in the picnic area at Shea Stadium. If you’re not capable of catching a baseball, I’d run for cover (Seriously, the balls come flying over there). I must have caught six or seven balls but gave them all to kids who would appreciate it more than I would: with the exception of one.

I’ve always had a story to tell after sitting in the M&M Suite Seats, whether it was watching Kevin Burkhardt interviewing 1969 World Series Champion Ron Swoboda or last season when my friends and I played Rock, Paper, Scissors with White Sox Pitcher, Chis Sale.


This time, Texas Rangers Pitcher Jason Grilli had me play some trivia for a baseball.

Question #1. “How many stitches are on a baseball?/How many beads are on a Rosary Bead?”

Me: “No clue.”

Grilli: “One-hundred and eight.”

Question #2. “Where are baseballs made?”

Me: “USA?”

Grill: “That’s where they should be made right? But no, Costa Rica.”

Question #3. “Who’s name is on a baseball?”

Me: “Rob Manfred”

I finally got the ball and he even signed it.


I wish most professional athletes were more fan interactive like Chris Sale and Jason Grilli. This was a game I’ll remember for a long, long time.







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