5 years ago, the SNDPODCAST show was created. Let’s look back

5 years, that’s 1,826 days, 43,824 hours, 2,629,440 minutes and 127,766,400 seconds. That is exactly how long it’s been since the SNDPODCAST was founded. 191 total episodes (recording 192 on 10/12), between YouTube, podbean, iTunes, soundcloud and a lot of other places. What a ride it has been, and what a ride we have planned for the future.

Let’s talk about the history. Recently, a lot of people I’ve spoken with and have told about the podcast have asked me, “how did you guys start?” For about the entire year of 2012, Danny tried to get me to listen to podcasts. Would share all his favorites with me, between the Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast and the Rich Eisen show, to of course much more. After finally budging and starting to listen to a bunch of different podcast, I started to think about what a podcast is. As per, oxforddictionaries.com , a podcast is A digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically. So, after doing some research, I reached out to Danny and said, let’s make our own. Oh boy, was the start of this a lot of fun.

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We started off calling ourselves the SNDNFLPODCAST SHOW, since we were just going to do a football show. We have apple headphones, splitter and a laptop. Not having a clue what we were doing, we just went. Basically, just two friends bullshitting about the Giants and Jets.  Only posting on YouTube, you can go listen to that disaster here . We were trying to really build ourselves up as a weekly, New York Football podcast, we ended up hitting a really big wall early. On October 22nd, Hurricane Sandy put a huge stop on our work. I mean, it put a huge stop on a lot of things in the tri-state area, and just like the tri-state area, Danny and myself worked our way back. After a little while, our good friend Keith reached out to us. He gave us some great pointers on fixing our brand and giving us an opportunity of a lifetime.


Keith and a friend of his created a blog website called Schmuck Sports. We decided to reband to the SNDPODCAST SHOW on the Schmuch Sports Network. We would then begin to publish our show not just on YouTube, but on the schmuck sports website as well. After the calendar would turn from 2012 to 2013, Danny and I decided it was time to improve and expand more. We decided it was time to upgrade our equipment purchasing a USB Mixer and microphones. We found another hosting site as well, so we can submit our podcast show to iTunes. We started publishing our show directly to http://podbean.com which would then publish our show directly onto iTunes.

itunes accept

What an honor this was, being on iTunes, we knew it was time to really step up our game.


After stepping away from the Schmuck Sports network, we kept doing our own thing. Being the SNDPODCAST show, we started welcome a ton of guests. The list is so long that I don’t recall ALL of the guest we have had ever had on the show, but let’s see how I do, if you know somebody I missed, please comment.

Guest List; Adam Rank, Joe Ruback (LPG), Craig Richardson, Tom Lofaso, Tom Ballantyne, Tom Heeman, Mike Loverde, Andy Graziano, Keith Black, Chris Law, Chris Brockman, Bobby Ackerman, Danielle Cosgrove, Dan Gunther, Tommy Heeman, Joe Cusumano, Chris “Vito” Hillier, Brian Erni, Darren Meenan, Jared Diamond, Dani Duncan, Ian Feldman, James Fess, Jillian Fisher, Macy Golder, Phil Hecken, Sean Leahy, Anthony Lipari, Jonathan Lopez, Jared Malamud, Sam Maxwell, Mighty, Nick Ceraso, JoezMcfly, Stephen Weisman, Erol Ozkumru, Brian Compton, Alyssa Rose, Kayla Shofner and Ben Van Dine. Of course, we also can’t forget to thank the Music of the podcast Division 1.1.

Side note; pat on the back for I think nailing all the guest we have ever had, I’m sure Danny or Vin will tell me I missed somebody lol

In early 2014, Danny and I decided it was time for another rebranding. We decided to create our own sports blog and introduce the SND Sports Blog.


The site started off well, and we were both really pumped for it. We have some great people working on the blog, unfortunately, with timing and life getting in the way, Danny and I just didn’t have the ability to fully create the vision we had. We decided to shut the project down, and go back to the podcast show only.

From the end of the 2014 year until about May 2016, everything was going great. We decided in May of 2016 to leave Podbean and reestablish ourselves on SoundCloud . Be we weren’t done. With some friends starting their own podcast show, we decided to change everything and create the SNDPOCAST Channel.


With the help of the Weisman and Oz Show,16427654_1220915574656009_8029218793217406413_n

Rising Apple and our friend Jay Lopez. We started to establish a new direction for the podcast. Also in May 2016, we added Vin Santangelo to our team, yes, I know I didn’t have him on the guest list earlier. Ever since we have kept moving forward with our heads held high and proud of every achievement we accomplish. In the summer of 2017, we decided as a team, to rekindle our fire for a blog.


On August 28th, we launch the SNDBLOG. Your one stop source for all the latest pop culture blogs. We have added such great people to the site to help us out, and have been extremely happy with everything the launch. We have a lot of growing to do and plan to take our time and do it all right.


The amount of people we have to thank is longer than the list of guest. I believe I am speaking for both Danny and I when I say, we have enjoyed every moment over the last 5 years. I also know I can speak for me, Danny and Vin when it is really great to know we have a great platform we have. We have been able to raise money over the years for a bunch of different charities and for a bunch of different causes close to our hearts. The struggle and fight is always such a rewarding feeling when things go the way we want them to go.

Thank you to everybody who has supported and stuck by our sides for the last 5 years. We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know we are going to keep enjoying doing it for all of you.


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