2021 Giants Schedule Predictions

Tonight is the night, football fans get to set up their fall and winter as the NFL releases its 2021 schedule.

This yearly exercise I do with predicting the Giants schedule is just for pure fun. Lets be honest I would be completely shocked if I get a single game right. If I do that would be pretty impressive but I’m not counting on it.

A few things to look out for before predict. The NFL this season will have a 18 week season so teams will play 17 total games and one bye week. The Giants will be playing the the AFC West, NFC South, Bears, Rams, Dolphins and of course the NFC East two times each.

Week 1- Vs Eagles

Week 2- @ Dolphins

Week 3 Vs Atlanta

Week 4 @ Chiefs

Week 5 @ Bears

Week 6 Vs Broncos

Week 7 @ Dallas

Week 8 @ Chargers

Week 9 Vs Raiders

Week 10 @ Washington

Week 11 @ Saints

Week 12 Bye Week

Week 13 @ Eagles

Week 14 Vs Panthers

Week 15 vs Washington

Week 16 @ Buccaneers

Week 17 Vs Rams

Week 18 Vs Dallas

Here is my very uneducated guess on who the Giants will be playing in 2021. I will be back later this week to recap the actual schedule and do my best Mike Francesa and do my win/loss predictions ( no it will not be 17-0).

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