2019 Giants Schedule Release

Its that time of year once again.  Fans across the NFL like myself get to sit down in front of their phones, tables and computer getting ready to set their football season life for the upcoming season.

For season ticket holders like myself yesterday was a very big day because you get to see what dates and times (unless that particular game gets flex during the season) when the games will be played. It the start of you being able to set up you’re calendar for the upcoming season. Its really important because as season ticket holders you invest a lot of time energy and shit load of money.

The 2019 Giants Schedule is the following they are playing everyone in the AFC East (Bills, Dolphins, Jets and Patriots). Everyone in the NFC North (Bears, Lions, Packers and Vikings). The other two teams in the NFC that finished in last place last season (Cardinals and Buccaneers). Lastly of course the NFC East (Cowboys, Eagles and Redskins) two times each.

Here goes your break down of every single game for the Giants this year . Let the fun start now.

Week 1 @Dallas Cowboys- For the 6 time in the last 8 seasons these two have faced each other. In recent years going down to Dallas have not been the nicest trips for the Giants. Will 2019 be a different year?

Week 2 Buffalo  Bills-  Bills Mafia will be making a trip down to North Jersey. Hope to beat all of bills mafia to our normal tailgating spot because they are insane bunch of people. Should be fun and interesting at the same time.

Week 3 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers-  The Giants and Bucs are basically the same team. They are both the “they can both be pretty decent or really bad no in between”. It will be interesting to  see how Bruce Arians rebuilds this team during his first year as the head coach of the Bucs. Also great chance of me going down to this game and it being the 1st NFL game that wasn’t a Giant or Jets game in New Jersey.

Week 4 Washington Redskins-  The Landon Collins revenge game.  The former fan favorite comes back for the very first time in  burgundy and gold.

Week 5 Minnesota Vikings – The second part of the only back to back home games all season not including or counting  the Jets “Road Game”.

Week 6  @ New England Patriots (TNF)-  This is first game of three at the moment that will be in prime time. It is most likely going to be the last time Tom Brady faces off vs Eli Manning in a football game unless they both meet up for the third time in the Super Bowl before either of these great quarterbacks retire.

Week 7 Arizona Cardinals-  We potentially get to see the first pick of this year draft play vs the Giants.  Who knows it might be the last time we see Larry Fitzgerald playing vs the Giants which would be cool to see.

Week 8 @ Detroit Lions – The Snacks, Devon Kennard and Romeo Okwara revenge game. Jeez we gave the lions a lot of skilled players on defense.

Week 9 Dallas Cowboys (MNF)- This is the second and final match up vs the Cowboys hopefully this game is a meaningful game by the time these teams play each other again.

Week 10 @ New York Jets-  The Metlife Bowl in regular season game. Unfortunately the Jets are deemed the home team for this game. But the Giants get to sleep in their own beds and dress in their normal locker rooms. these are  the best kind of road games.

 Week 11 Bye Week- Late bye week is always nice.

Week 12 @ Chicago Bears-  Never a easy to go into Chicago late November. It will be interesting to see if the Bears are as good as they were last year.

Week 13 Green Bay Packers-  Always nice to see Aaron Rodgers ( Hopefully) in person. As a season ticket holder this is the game I’m most excited for, not including the division games.

Weeks 14 @ Philadelphia Eagles (SNF)- Oh boy a prime time game in Philly never goes well in recent years… Will this year be any different?

Week 15 Miami Dolphins-  Both teams don’t have a lot of expectation to be playoff teams. Can either of them surprise the league and be in playoff contention?

Week 16@ Washington Redskins- Late December division games are awesome. The Giants normally play well in DC.

Week 17 Philadelphia Eagles- Wow, playing the Eagles twice in December is a big thing. I wouldn’t be shocked if this game had some sort of implications for a playoff spot or a shot to win the NFC East in this game.

Here you have it folks, your 2019 New York Football Giants Schedule. It will be interesting to see  what kind of draft the Giants have next week to help build and mode what kind of year we can hopefully look forward to having.   There are a lot of interesting  story lines for the upcoming year.

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