Another Thriller in Jerry World

Check out a Recap of the Packers VS Cowboys thriller in week 5

1:13 left on the clock. One timeout. TD wins the game, field goal ties it. Who do you want running your offense? Brady? Can’t really go wrong with that one. A Manning perhaps? It depends on what time of the year the game is but Peyton or Eli would give off the confidence that you’ll at least get the game to overtime. How bout Montana? 4 super bowl rings, MVP in 3 of them. Certainly “Joe Cool” will get it done. Well you can have all of them. I’ll take number 12 in the green and gold. I’ve seen it too many times to not take him. The poise, the confidence, the swagger that no matter how much time is on the clock, we got this and on Sunday get it he did. This is a bold statement but I’m going with it, we are witnessing the best quarterback to ever do it.

The great, the good and the bad.

The Great- it’s obvious here that the great is Rodgers. 19-29 221 yards and 3 TDS including the game winner to Davante Adams with 11 seconds left on the clock. The numbers aren’t as gaudy as usual but the Packers has the ball 7 times and scored on 5 of them (4tds and 1 FG). The reason he is the great is the final drive. A 9 play 75 yard drive where he not only made some huge throws but also scrambled for a 18 yard gain and a first down on 3rd down with no times outs left. That’s gutsy. As Coach McCarthy said in his post game presser “I dont know what else to say about him. I’m gonna have to expand my vocabulary”

The Good- Aaron Jones. For the first time all season the Pack showed some kind of running game and it was led he rookie out of UTEP. Jones carried the ball 19 times for 125 yards and a touchdown, as well as showing some real poise on the last drive when his number was called surprisingly and he had the wherewithal to bounce his run to the outside, get a first down and get out-of-bounds. It’s been revolving door at running back since Eddie Lacy went down with his injury last year but I think we might have found a reliable runner in Jones

The Bad- the only bad point was the kicking. Missing 2 extra points was the only reason that the final drive TD was needed to win the game but it fixable. One Crosby just pushed and the second looks like a bad hold. It’ll get fixed. The defense wasn’t great but the pick 6 by Damarious Randall was a huge play in the game and they kept the cowboys contained while the offense mounted the comeback.

3 stars of the game

3rd Star- Damarious Randall- his Pick 6 was a turning point in the game and was the teams first defensive touchdown since 2015. After being benched last week it’s nice to see him bounce back

2nd Star- Aaron Jones- Having a consistent running game that can be relied on late in games to shut he door will be a huge addition to the offense. Hopefully Jones can bring that.

1st- Aaron Rodgers- pretty obvious here. He the leader and the best player on the field at all times. Packer fans are spoiled because not only is the successor of Brett Favre just as good, he’s better.

In week 6 the Packers take on the rival Minnesota Vikings on Sunday at 1. With a shaky QB situation due to Sam Bradfords injury (could’ve saw that one coming) the Vikings have still gotten themselves to 3-2. It’s a battle for 1st early in the season and it should be a good one.

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