Is Aaron Judge Human?

       The easy answer to this question is, no, Aaron Judge isn’t human. The 25 year New York Yankee rookie is taking major league baseball by storm. At the 84-game point, Judge has 30 home runs, 66 RBIS and is batting .329. One can only imagine what he will do for the next 78 games remaining for the Yankees. These are numbers nobody in their right mind expected. 

In 2016, appearing in 27 games and 84 official at bats, Judge had just 15 hits for a .179 average with 4 homers and 10 RBIs. Going into the 2017 season, a lot of focus during spring training with Judge was would he even make the team. With a bunch of veterans in the outfield and Matt Holliday being brought in to be the DH, many people believed that Judge wasn’t coming North with the team. Boy, are they happy they did.

On July 7th, Aaron Judge broke the Yankee rookie record for most home runs in a season set by Joe DiMaggio in 1936. Keep in mind, it took the Clipper 637 at bats to hit 29 homers, while it took Judge only 293. The question at All-Star break, how many does he end up with? That is a question that is really tough to answer cause I do believe that there isn’t really any way to guess.

Nobody has ever seen a 6’7 282 lbs baseball player, and at the age of 25, nobody can really know for sure if he’s even done growing. There is absolutely no reason to not like Aaron Judge. After the 1994 lockout, Major League Baseball was not doing well in the public until 1998. Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Ken Griffey Jr started putting on a home run show which rejuvenated baseball. It showed that home runs were the “sexy” side of baseball. The past couple of seasons baseball’s greatest players have been walking away, including the face of baseball, Derek Jeter.

Jeter wasn’t just the face of baseball, but he was the face of the Yankees for at least 15 years, yes I know he played 20. Ever since 2014 when Jeter retired, baseball and the Yankees have been looking for a new face. Yes I know you can argue Trout and Harper have been the faces of the baseball, but they aren’t way beyond their years like Judge. This guy doesn’t seem to do anything wrong. He goes 0-4 and the Yankees lose, he’d be found in front of his locker. He can go 4-4 with 3 homers and a Yankee win, he will be found in front of the camera. While the Yankees try and protect him from too much media, which as a 25 year old kid is a good thing, he has the look of somebody who’s just had the time of his life out there like any other kid.

The biggest difference between Jeter and Judge, of course are the power numbers, but personality wise, they are basically the same person. Always smiling, always enjoying the moment and most importantly, just having fun. For those that remember, Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux had a commercial about how chicks dig the long ball, Chicks Dig the long ball Commerical.  After watching Aaron Judges home run derby, there is no reason to believe 50-60 is out of the question. My biggest question right now is, can Judge adjust.

So far, the answer to my question is a simple yes he can. He adjusted his swing and his approach after the 2016 season and it’s tearing it up in 2017. With all the technology and all the baseball sabermetircs out these days, it’s pretty easy to find a flaw in a player’s play. Personally, I don’t have access to everything teams have so I don’t see any flaws in him, but again, that’s why I’m not being paid by any teams. I do believe, since like I said he has shown it, that he will adjust. He’s the face that Major League Baseball needs, and will need to inspire generations to come.

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